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Chimney Rebuilds For Safety And Comfort

When the harsh winds of winter and all it brings finally takes a rest, it does not that one simply put up the guard in front of the fireplace or ignore the wood burning stove and move on into spring—however tempting that might be! No, when it comes to ensuring that you are officially done with this current winter season and ready for next year’s (despite how unexciting that might be!) cold weather, one should first take the time for a spring Hartford County CT chimney rebuilds.

Properly, a fireplace should extend at least 2′ higher than the highest point on a pitched roof, 3′ higher than a flat roof. Insufficient altitude, or trees and buildings in the area around the house, may cause a pile-up of wind-driven air around the funnel top. This makes a high-pressure zone which tends to push air down the flue and force smoke back out through the fireplace. It can sometimes be remedied by removal of the tops of neighboring trees or, better still, by extending the fireplace upward. You can also cap your event with brick and stone, or you can buy a ready-made metal funnel cap.

Ideally, this inspection should be done before the start of the burning season, by a qualified chimney professional. The gold standard for this qualification is a certification by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Your CSIA certified vent sweep will perform the Level I Inspection, and be able to determine the overall condition of the fireplace, and will let you know if funnel cleaning is needed.

It is essential to keep fireplaces and chimney flues in good working condition to prevent any problems with the interior ventilation system. The primary function of a chimney or flue is to serve as a passageway for the by-products from a household heating system as these by-products are extremely hazardous to the occupant’s health because of the poisonous gasses produced.

These blockages can reduce the efficiency of your funnel and also prevent smoke and heat from being vented out. Over the course of time, the gasses from the fire can become corrosive damage to the vent flue and allow the gasses to seep into your home and to prevent this you should have an annual inspection of your vent flue to ensure it is working properly. Leaks within the flue can also corrode the brickwork and masonry of your funnel and will cost you quite a bit of money in repairs.

It’s wise occasionally to examine the exterior of your event for weathering of the brick and mortar, resulting in chunks. These can be spotted by wisps of smoke emerging from them. Smoke from a normal fire should appear only coming out of the vent above the roof, and any leak elsewhere is a definite fire hazard! It should be repaired immediately.

Many people make the mistake of going for the cheapest sweep they can find. This is a false economy and could even be dangerous. We recommend that you choose a Hartford County CTsweep who is experienced and reliable and does not leave a mess behind rather than just pick the cheapest one you can find.

Keeping your fireplace clean and repairing structural problems as soon as they start developing is the best way to prevent fires and other complications. Hire experts providing funnel cleaning services in your area for these tasks. You can perform minor repairs yourself, but it is usually better to call on Hartford County CT cleaning professionals to make sure every part of your fireplace is in good shape.

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