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Factors That Can Bring About Peace And Prosperity

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It is the desire of many people to see the world where people live in harmony. There has been a lot of deliberations in this regard. An area that has brought about a lot of debate is peace and prosperity in the Middle East. It is because of the continued struggles that have gotten experienced in these places. The necessities below can contribute to cordiality among the people.

The public should get permitted to express their views and ideas through the various available channels. There should not be cases of intimidation to individuals who speak out against the administration. When people are free to talk, they get calm since all their contempt gets channeled out. They get the feeling that the proper persons have heard them. The constitution ought to get followed closely so that this right does not get abused.

Persons should have a right to choose their ways of worship. They should be left free to practice their beliefs so long as they do not cause harm to others. It is the responsibility of the state therefore to protect these rights. There should not be people rising against one another simply because they worship differently. A nation that has respect for various religions tends to be harmonious.

The administration in these states ought to provide the fundamentals to its citizens. When persons get given the basic amenities like water and sewerage services, they get calm. It is since they feel that the leadership is performing as per the expectations. It reduces contempt and possible uprisings as people demand these provisions. Many more insurrections can get avoided when the public is comfortable.

A liberty of the environment entails its protection. People depend on the ecological system to survive. Food and water emanate from this natural setup. A protection of the flora is a must so that existence can get guaranteed. An investment in the food production sector with an emphasis on conservation is imperative. A well-fed nation tends to be peaceful and committed to progress.

Liberty from fear ensures that individuals get security and are not afraid to move around. Where there is peace, people can work freely and contribute to the economic growth. Areas with wars experience an economic breakdown. The state thus cannot fund basic things like healthcare and education. With harmony, markets open up, and individuals get creative on the ways to create wealth.

Education is an important part of growth. When individuals get tutored, they can be able to think differently. They appreciate the changes in the world and can accept to be a part of the global village. Learned persons can come up with inventions that can help their countries. They can also get employed in the various sectors of the economy. Clashes and wars can get reduced to a large extent since their reasoning changes.

A selfless headship can promote growth in different ways. The leadership should be committed to the welfare of its people and not personal gain. Power should not get reserved for a few individuals but rather all the persons. Democracy should get advanced through a proactive approach of protection of human privileges. Giving people a chance to vote safely and legitimately controls strife. It makes them feel powerful as citizens while empowering them to make changes in their leadership.

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