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Hotels turn up the heat with food-and-beverage festivals

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Summer means festivals of all kinds, and hotels have turned the publics mix in these types of trial to their advantageespecially as soon as it comes to food-and-beverage. A number of properties host food festivals that attract locals in particular to their grounds.

One such hotel is the Westin Savannah (Ga.) Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, which all August hosts the Savannah Gourmet Seafood & Spirits Festival, one of Savannahs most much-admired summer deeds.

This years matter, the fourth annual installment, will feature celebrity chefs, famous restaurants, competitive mixologists, flagship spirits and more during the four-day control. Last years festival welcomed greater than 1,000 guests and this years motion is received to pull even more attendees.

Events such as the Coastal Chefs Table, (a five-course dinner pairing situation featuring chef and cocktail demonstrations); the Fresh Catch & Cocktails Jazz Brunch; and the Lowcountry picnic will be held at various bad skin on the subject of the property, including the grand ballroom, the River Lawn & Esplanade and Aqua Star Seafood.

Hotel Matilda and Rosewood San Miguel de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, are launching a buildup Mexican food and art festival this July that is stated to become an annual business.

The Market of Arts & Gastronomy will be the grandest and most committed food and art festival in Mexico, bringing together an array of high-profile participants including leading chefs, hotels, restaurants, food and spirits companies, wineries, artists, major media and others, Bruce James, director of Hotel Matilda, said in a announcement. And we are currently talking gone supplementary cities to maintenance the festival in a swing Mexican destination each year.

Dozens of happenings and behavior are planned on peak of the four days of the initial MAG festival in San Miguel, starting as soon as a kickoff dinner in Moxi at Hotel Matilda considering as well as ease-known Mexican chef Enrique Olvera.

The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in Boston hosts not one but two F&B proceedings: the BeerAdvocate Microbrew Invitational, which features on summit of 70 microbrewers pouring on summit of 250 types of beer, cider, kombucha, mead and sake; and the Chefs in Shorts matter, which is now in its 20th year. Chefs in Shorts brings together a many of the places leading chefs, who will blaze going on the grills and make their favorite dishes during this outside barbecue.

Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui, Hawaii, will host the first Fire It Up! culinary matter in July, providing guests and locals also a taste of tantalizing barbecue flavors from nearly the country. A conscious-blaze food, wine, beer and bourbon issue, Fire It Up! is curated to showcase Hawaiis meats, seafood and fabricate cooked exclusively in addition to than fire. The issue features culinary stars from in report to the country coupled gone alive entertainment, offend and more.

Hosted by Grand Waileas all-star chef team, Fire It Up! will feature signature dishes from famous celebrity chefs such as Hubert Keller, and pit masters across the U.S., who will each sustain a signature plate cooked by live-blaze.

Alongside the cuisine will be cocktails complimenting the fare prepared by John Tiogo, Grand Wailea beverage commissioner and mixologist. Guests can moreover enjoy a selection of bourbon and tequila cocktails, wines, and Grand Waileas signature Gose beer, brewed exclusively for the resort by Maui Brewing Company.

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is at the Loews Atlanta Hotel and surrounding place for the seventh period this year. The festival features lectures, demonstrations, tasting tents, and special dinners, as soon as culinary capacity from Atlanta and vis–vis the Southeast.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., has linked bearing in mind Colorado State University this year to host the first CSU Rocky Mountain BBQ Showdown, which is a barbecue competition also grills and cash prizes valued at on top of $10,000. The 24-hour barbecue competition/party is retrieve to the public and hosted on the order of the front lawn of the hotel.

The Hyatt Regency Trinidad, a sealed enthusiast of the festival route, is partnering considering The Embassy of Mexico, United Airlines, Copa Airlines and Corona Beer to host its first Mexican food festival. The Hyatt has with hosted an Argentinian food festival, a Cuban food festival, a Colombian food festival and a New Orleans food festival.

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