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Notes On Menstrual Abdominal Pain Relief

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Most women usually undergo through severe abdominal aches during their menses. Though this irritation may be relieved by the use of the over the counter drugs, it is not highly advisable to depend on this medications since they cause other side effects to the body. However, one can manage the suffering by making use of home remedies for abdominal pain relief and here are some of the solutions to the problem.

Some of the leading causes of these pains may include ulcers, food poisoning, cancer, cysts and bladder diseases among others. Due to different causes of abdominal pain, health practitioners use different treatment methods to relieve the pain. This may vary from one individual to another depending on the cause.

When ingestion is the cause of your stomach painstaking lemon water can aid relieve the pain. Biologically, high acidity level in the body promotes the production of hydrochloric acid which breaks down food.

Lavender oil is also known as a pain remedy for menstrual irritation. Application of lavender oil is known to give amazing pain relieving effect within ten to fifteen minutes of application. Taking sugary, caffeinated drinks or red meat has been linked to worsening stomach aches during menses, and it is highly advisable to not only avoid them during this period but also some few days before the flow.

Canned fruits like peaches, apricots or pears can help relieve abdominal pains. This is because they can be easily digested and are also rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which help your body recover from these suffering. However, canned fruits like pineapples are known to cause high acidity levels and may cause irritation on the stomach thus worsening the situation.

Ginger is another good remedy for stomach pains. This plant is rich in shog a ola and gingerols chemical which helps relax intestinal muscles. This amazing plant also has other benefits to the stomach. When one experiences nausea or stomach cramps, taking a cup of ginger tea can help relieve the pain.

Papaya contains papain which helps ease menstrual irritation. Studies have shown that taking papaya before and during periods will not only relieve aching but also help alleviate and regulate the flow. This gives you a piece of mind as this amazing fruit gives your body a relaxation feeling during this time. Another common remedy to ease the pain is taking aloe Vera juice with honey as recommended by experts on city Greenbelt MD.

Carbonated drinks are also good for the stomach. They eliminate excessive gas from the stomach which usually contributes to bloating. Some of these drinks include ginger ale, cola or lemon-lime sodas. In case you have taken excessive food, or you are experiencing stomach aches, adopting these drinks will help relieve the pains and promote healthy digestion. However, when the pain persists after taking all the above remedies without any improvements, it is highly advocated to seek medical attention.

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