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What are the symptoms of vaginal cancer ?

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Vaginal cancer is a fatal tumor arising from the vagina.Vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian

Vaginal Cancer


What is vaginal cancer?

Vaginal cancer is a fatal tumor arising from the vagina.Vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and spread to core FERC noma can wear. Also, urinary bladder cancer, urethral, or rectal cells are often generated from the spread to the vagina.

What are the symptoms of vaginal cancer?

1 . Bleeding from the vagina. In most cases, vaginal bleeding after intercourse is being followed.

  1. Discharge.It is usually associated with Art major and infections.Excretion of water and sometimes rice starch (slightly sticky and milky white liquid), or may be mixed with blood.

3 . Compression symptoms. When pressure is measured tumor adjacent part of the symptoms can be similar to the load. For example, when the bladder is pressed Urine halite emergency urinate, frequent urination, blood in the urine of these occur. Pressing anal Leave Mall can be difficult. Blood in the faeces may become so in the case of tumors.

Are high- risk populations?

1 . Vaginal cancer patients ages 60 to 65 years on average.

  1. Young women, pregnancy may be affected by the hormones were added then Vaginal Cancer.
  2. Early marriage, early child labor, child labor often done at high risk for early Vaginal Cancer.


The various steps or stages Vaginal Cancer

Stage 0 – east or normal level.

Stage 1 – The vaginal wall to detect cancer.

Paryaya2 – but still suffer from vaginal tissue around the vaginal pelvic wall was not affected.

Stage 3 – Cancer vaginal pelvic wall to reach.

Stage 4 – Cancer animated spread vaginal pelvic wall or bladder, rectum, and anus of the infected mucosa.

Stage 5 – tumors that invaded adjacent organs.

Stage 6 – Cancer spread to other organs.


Vaginal cancer detection method –

  1. Papas Yarer
  2. Pelvic examination
  3. Biopsy, cells examined

What is the treatment of vaginal cancer?

( A ) Operation

Through the operation of the whole or part of the previous Vaginal Cancer good condition can be brought. Also “angioplasty ” Cancer the initial stage of the vaginal portion of the cervix patients can be treated by operation. If any of the lower edges of the vagina and vaginal lesions at an early stage bulb kucakira resection and lymph node dissection

(B ) chemotherapy results

The only definitive treatment for cancer is chemotherapy vagina. So each vaginal chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatment are to improve the treatment effect.

(C ) Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the treatment of the two kinds of vaginal Cancer. Tamale internal radiotherapy (Brach therapy) and external radiotherapy (telex therapy). The main targets of Brach therapy vaginal penetration of the primary lesion and the adjacent regions. The goal of telex therapy tumor infiltration zone and the surrounding region shifted to Conk granite.

The lowest existing medical

Quick heal small wounds and Sri Cancer intact vaginal treatment remain in a hospital for a long time and protect from spending more money than is available. This treatment is more acceptable to the patient.

Traditional drug therapy

Traditional medicine very quickly destroyed the ability of cell division and reproduction Cancer can prevent. The tumor gradually becomes smaller. Chine’s Traditional medicine typically operations, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are given with. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not.

What post-operative care alert vaginal cancer?

1 . Spectrum inserts the vagina should be careful to move slowly and do not get blood out Cancer tissue is not damaged.

  1. When and if the time of menstrual blood from the vaginal douche is not allowed.The relations can be avoided.

3 . Concentration and temperature of the solution will be right for enema may be appropriate, should normally 38 ~ 41 ℃.

4 . To clean the pressure would be appropriate. It would not hurt if the pressure on the uterus and the pressure will be lower if not cleaned properly.

5 . The goal would be to change the status of the patient. If you have not stopped wearing the blood and the blood were coming over to smoke and vaginal gauze cloth to the inside and will be consulted the doctor.

6 . Outside the vaginal swelling, is more scratchy and vaginal bleeding is compressed will wash the vagina with the injury spectrum. Make sure the patient is not in pain.

7 . Need to change the water and used to wash every day, once a week to clean the bucket to Cleanse.

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